Emmanuel Plaut
Emmanuel Plaut

Ph.D. in Physics, with Habilitation

Professor Université de Lorraine - Mines Nancy

Researcher in Lemta, CNRS UMR7563

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      My research focusses on the modelling and analysis of the nonlinear dynamics of extended fluid systems. The focus is on the transition towards spatio-temporal complexity and turbulence. However, recently, I also decided to study developed turbulence. From a theoretical point of view, all these systems are ruled by nonlinear partial differential equations issuing from theories such as the thermomechanics or the physics of fluids. In order to solve them, I develop semi-analytical methods (linear and weakly nonlinear stability analyses, reduction to generic amplitude equations or envelope equations, etc...) and numerical methods (Galerkin methods, spectral methods, etc...). I also try to interpret the mechanisms driving the observed scenarios.
I present on web pages the results of such works with colleagues, essentially, in Lemta, on convection instabilities in nematic liquid crystals, systems presenting nonlinear waves and flows in shear-thinning fluids. Recently, we also focussed on plasma instabilities and turbulence models.


Researcher since 1993, I published, with some colleagues, a few articles.

Former PhD students (co-direction with Jean-Pierre Brancher then Chérif Nouar and Christel Métivier) are

If you want to know about my teaching activities and responsibilities at École des Mines de Nancy
- in particular, I am Head of the Department Energy & Fluid Mechanics -
please consult my french teaching pages.

Note that I teach Advanced Fluid Mechanics in English...

Emmanuel Plaut
2 avenue de la Forêt de Haye
TSA 60604
54518 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy cedex

Telephone: 33 3 72 74 49 10

Mobile phone: 33 6 80 58 18 27

To contact me by e-mail use the adress emmanuel.plaut@univ-lorraine.fr

Nice photo: wind farm near Norddeich in Germany
taken in September 2016 after leaving Baltrum and the seminar of the TWIST group of J. Peinke

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