Mines Nancy - 3rd Year - Master 2 - Department Energy & Fluid Mechanics

Academic Year 2017-2018

Advanced Fluid Mechanics

Transition to Turbulence & Turbulence - Applications to Transfers, Aerodynamics & Wind Energy

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      This module is given by myself (E. Plaut, EP) and Joachim Peinke (J. Peinke, JP).

Find here the latest version of our Lecture Notes.

Hereafter we give the planning and a few information. This page will be updated during the course of the module. In particular, some homeworks will be defined...

In the sessions 2 to 9 of this module, and during the examination, we use Mathematica : bring your laptop with Mathematica.

Find here a collection of texts of past exams.

Nous remercions la Fondation Mines Nancy et le programme Erasmus+ pour leur soutien, qui nous permet d'inviter le Prof. Peinke à donner 3 sessions dans ce module, ainsi qu'une conférence générale.

S1 Monday December 18, 2017 (EP)

    14h - 17h15 : Natural thermoconvection, Rayleigh - Bénard thermoconvection: linear stability analysis with slip boundary conditions

S2 Monday January 8, 2018 (EP)

    9h - 12h15 : Rayleigh - Bénard thermoconvection with slip boundary conditions: linear and weakly nonlinear stability analysis

S3 Friday January 12 (EP)

    13h30 - 16h45 : Rayleigh - Bénard thermoconvection: weakly nonlinear analysis, supercritical bifurcation, elements on further transitions and on the case of no-slip boundary conditions; Lorenz model & Chaos

    Caution: new date because of the `Cursus Simulateur Jeunes Ingénieurs' organized with EDF !

S4 Friday January 19 (EP)

    13h30 - 16h45 : Transition in open shear flows: generalities, the case of plane Poiseuille flow

    Caution: new date because of the `Cursus Simulateur Jeunes Ingénieurs' organized with EDF !

S5 Monday January 22 (EP)

    9h - 12h15 : Transition in plane Poiseuille flow: linear and weakly nonlinear stability analysis, Tollmienn - Schlichting waves

S6 Wednesday January 24 (EP)

    8h30 - 11h45 : Transition in plane Poiseuille flow: weakly nonlinear stability analysis, subcritical bifurcation to Tollmienn - Schlichting waves, subcritical & saddle-node bifurcations, transition in open shear flows

Turbulent flow data sets

S7 Tuesday February 6 (JP)

    8h30 - 11h45 : Wind energy a clean resource - Conversion principles - Rotor blade aerodynamics

S8 Wednesday February 7 (JP)

    8h30 - 11h45 : Rotor blade aerodynamics - Stochastic (Langevin) power curve

S9 Thursday February 8 (JP)

    8h30 - 11h45 : Wind field and Turbulence

General Conference by J. Peinke on Thursday February 8

Wind Energy and the Need to Understand Turbulence

Web page of the conference

Examination Monday February 12 (EP)

    Caution: this date has to be confirmed, it may move slightly because of the `Cursus Simulateur Jeunes Ingénieurs' organized with EDF.

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